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Garden edging fence ideas - Upgrade your garden with those small details which give it an overall more refined and groomed look. Whether you want subtle lawn edging that gradually blends into your garden, or decorative picket fence style edging that draws attention to your borders, there are options to suit all tastes. Shop online and in-store for a wide selection of affordable garden fencing and lawn edging; find landscape edging border, stakes, garden fences, and more at Blain's Farm & Fleet!

Wrought Iron Border Edging Fence in Decorative Styles for Landscapes & Gardens. Check out unique classic designs of wrought iron fence for your garden. We carry easy to install connecting fence and staking edging fence panels in creative designs. If you are fencing in a small landscape area, our decorative metal edging is perfect.

About Edging & Fencing. Landscape edging tools and border fences can help define and refine your backyard and outdoor spaces to truly impressive effect. These handy tools can even keep your plants and edibles safe from cute but problematic garden pests like bunny rabbits, deer and even overly-rambunctious kids.

Stomp Edging is a lightweight garden edging made of recycled material; Easy to install directly in grass, soil, sand or gravel; No digging required, easy to maintain; Perfect for flower beds, gardens, pathways and driveways; Stone dimensions: 12 D x 4"H (30 x 10 cm). Paths & Landscaping Six garden feature ideas Whether you’ve got an acre or a patio area, chances are when it comes to your garden, there’s always room for improvement. And you’d be surprised, it doesn’t take a lot to transform your outside space and make it a more attractive.

Fence and Rope Garden Edging Ideas. Rope fences make great edging, without breaking the view of the landscape like a traditional wood panel fence. They give the illusion of separation while keeping the flow and fluidity of your garden. Create a clear divide between areas of gravel, grass, soil and stone with garden border edging. PVC hardwood blends have a contemporary look with long-term rot, fade and split free properties. Alternatively, choose picket fence border edging for a simple to install, country-garden look.

Adding edging to your garden beds full of annual flowers and perennial flowers makes them look more polished, helps keep mulch in place, and boosts curb appeal. It’s a small investment for big returns. That's why we've rounded up the best gardening edging ideas here. To start, look for edging that works with the style of your house.
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Fencing. At B&Q we have an extensive range of garden fencing in popular styles including traditional overlap fence panels and picket fencing. Construct a secure perimeter with fencing and fence posts, make your garden more private with trellis and screening or create an attractive new gateway for your front or back garden.

Landscape timber edging is easy to install and creates an attractive, natural-looking frame for a flower border or perennial flower bed. You can also use it to line areas of grass. It's much more substantial and attractive than galvanized metal edging, and it will hold up better than plastic. Garden border edging is also perfect for dividing up your veggie patch or adding decorative touches to flower beds. For larger borders, check out our range of garden screening and trellis. Get your garden looking even better with lawn patch repair , pebbles and garden stones and garden decor.

Wooden garden edging ideas - Wooden Half-Log Edging This Greenes Fence 18 in. Wooden Half-Log Edging can be used to enhance your landscape and protect the soil and mulch in flower beds. It features a flexible plastic backing and attached metal stakes for easy installation. The flexible edging can be installed as a circle curve or line.

If you want to decorate your garden with the nice fence you can buy “Panacea Gothic Arch Border Fence”. It is a nice garden edging or fence. It is a set of twelve fences each of them made of steel. Though it is made of steel, it is more durable and long-lasting than average garden edging or fence. Fence, Borders, & Edging (76 Fence, Borders, & Edging) Adding a border to your landscaping or garden is a fantastic way to divide a space. With the variety of fence styles available, you are sure to be able to find one that matches your d├ęcor or personality.