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Flexible garden edging ideas - Garden edging is a well-defined border and bed is one of the qualities of an appealing landscape. Edging materials you can use are dependent on your choice and what will match your landscape design. Edging serves as a physical barrier to keep your lawn from intruding into your flower, vegetable, and shrub beds.

Steel Garden Edging – Flexible Metal Landscape Solutions. EverEdge – a brilliant, simple and long lasting way to maintain tidy garden edges. The edge and the spikes are all made from one piece of steel (no extra pins, pegs or joiners). EverEdge flexible steel garden edging is easy to install, bends to virtually any shape and is available in a variety of colours and depths.

Flexible Garden Edging helps keep mulch and other landscaping material in check. The sections lock together with living hinge connectors to form a continuous border that can be molded into curves or straight lines. Flexible and durable for many landscape edging projects ProFlex No-Dig Landscape Edging is a durable and decorative landscaping solution to beautifully finish any gardening project. Designed for quick and easy installation, no digging is required to use ProFlex No-Dig Landscape Edging.

Lawn Edging. We stock one the largest ranges of garden border edging solutions available anywhere in the UK, guaranteed to give you easy to maintain and beautifully tidy lawn edges.Our best sellers are EverEdge® Metal, Smartedge Plastic and our own Recycled Rubber edging options, all of which give you the flexibility to create those perfect lines in your garden.

Garden Border Edging. Helping you shape and transform your garden into your very own personal paradise, garden border edging is a great choice for green-fingered shoppers. It’s an excellent way to creatively allocate space around the garden and make flower beds really stand out. Flexible Garden Edging. Gardening edging delineates and separates lawn from flower beds, paths or driveways. Use flexible gardening edging to outline sweeping curves and to create clean lines.

CORE Edge is an innovative, easy to install, flexible steel edging system. Easily create clean edges, perfect corners, and beautiful curves – around flower beds, garden borders, pathways, and much more. Easy-Edge Garden Edging by Enviro Blocks is a garden border product that creates a robust, durable garden bed edge. Easy-Edge is a great product that is straightforward to install, and a sustainable way to maintain a tidy garden border. Available for purchase online in a variety of colours. Buy Now!
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CORE EDGE: Flexible Lawn Edging. In the landscaping industry, there are some products that have that amazing versatility to be effective in both domestic and commercial applications. Whether it be that you’re using a product for a driveway or lawn area in your garden or using a product on a far larger scale in a commercial setting.

This Edging Kit can help make your garden look beautiful and unique, without hiring a professional. You can easily place it around raised flower beds, trees, and garden using a rubber mallet to drive the spikes into the tabs for a long-lasting border. If you struggle to keep the edges of your grass tidy or stop the soil crumbling away then lawn edging is the perfect solution. Edging is usually pinned to the borders of the lawn to give a secure side and crisp boundary. Many of the varieties are flexible, so can follow a curved edge as well as straight.

Eco-Friendly Flexi-Border Edging. Lawnmower friendly; Sits flush with your lawn when installed. They are suitable for all weather conditions and wont crack or break. The flexi-border is designed to bend to your gardens shape and to suit the curves.  Flexible steel edging for lawns, paths and garden beds--for that clean cut, professional landscaped appearance. Competitively priced and easy to install, Garden Edge steel edging will save you money, time AND effort over the course of its lifetime.

This versatile edging is made from recycled materials and is perfect for defining beds and paths. Recycled Rubber Garden Border Stone is a lighter weight alternative to the traditional concrete garden border and a much more durable and long-lasting alternative to wood or plastic borders. A versatile solution for defining garden beds and paths.